Kaare Bursell
Macrobiotic Counselor
Kaare Bursell  
Kaare Bursell

Kaare gave up his life as a veterinarian and became a Macrobiotic counselor. Macrobiotics is a way of living in harmony with the earth and utilizing food as the basis for creating an extraordinary life. Clients come to him from all parts of the world for his consultations where he diagnoses their illness and prescribes a healing diet based on the energies of yin and yang.

As you can tell from his picture, Kaare is not your normal guy! He is a character to say the least. You can expect wild and outrageous views to come from Kaare Bursell. In fact, that's a guarantee!

He has many cooking videocassettes and audio tapes for sale in our mall. His latest product is his newly released book "The End of Medicine (how I learned to quit worrying and love my disease). A controversial book from any viewpoint you can imagine.

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